Life of the College Girl

I hate it when I smoke….

Posted on: January 16, 2008

I forgot how sick it made me. I only do it when I’m stressed,it’s something about smokin a Black and Mild in the parking lot of a Kmart while listening to Mariah or some Old skool,that really calms the nerves. I went ans saw my guy friend soon after,just to chill and watch Kat Williams, I think it was Pimp Chronicle 2. It was funny.

I’m feeling better today, I found out that there is a possibility that I may be going back to Morgan,and if I don’t I can get my stuff. I re registered for my classes, taking Swahili,sounds fun. I’m also taking theater, maybe I can minor in it when I go to NSU or double major. I’m just ready to go back and get this semester over with. I missed my 3.0 by a point last semester..I’mma get it this time!


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