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Posted on: January 14, 2008

I’m am stressing sooooo much to the point that I want to cry. Everybody around me is so negative, especially my mother! She really knows how to bring my mood down, with her sad stories from the past,and it’s to the point that I don’t even want to ask her about my tuition because she’s going to give this sob story about not having any money….SO WHY DA HELL LET ME EVEN APPLY TO GO TO THE DAMN SCHOOL IF YOU KNEW YOU COULD PAY THE OUT OF STATE TUITION!!!!???? I mean I bust my ass while I’m there, you could at least save something towards it. I mean if you can spend 8,000 on Xmas….that’s like 80% of my tuition! And you knew that my tuition was due,I could of cared less if I got something for xmas(ok I actually did want that camera), I just want to go to school. I bet we would more money if didn’t keep giving that ass money,to do what with? Gamble it away, and she keeps giving it to him! What the fuck? Oh and don’t let me get started on my child support, she acted like she couldn’t save $50 dollars a fucking month for my college tuition. I mean come on now $50*12 months*10 years,hold let me get my calculator….$6,000! That could of went toward at least one semester.

But you know what after this semester I’m transferring,and I’m going to pay my tuition,even if it means getting 2 jobs over the summer and during the school year. I hate going through this!!!!


2 Responses to "STRESS!!!!!!"

Hey…I’m Iris.

I was in a similar situation and stopped for a while. I was struggling so hard and didn’t have my parents.

I’m now 24 and will be graduating in January.

However, I wish I could have finished when I was supposed to at 21. I make absolutely NO money at my dead end job and haven’t fulfilled my goal of owning my own home and traveling at this age.

I’m telling you this because I DON’T want you to give up. Cry. I won’t tell you not to. But when you’re done, smile and know that you will look back on this by age 21 or 22 with your degree in hand.

By 25 you can probably own your own home.

Don’t stop. Don’t take off not ONE semester.

All the best.

Also, my mother was just like yours. Only, she refused to allow me to go out of state and threatened not to pay tuition. When I stayed at home…guess what?

She STILL didn’t pay and left to fend for myself days before classes would be dropped.

Don’t be mad, but know that the best revenge is doing well.

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