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Posted on: January 12, 2008

I am so happy that after hours of searching online, I finally found a dominican hair salon where I can get a blow out…yay! It’s called Elegante Beauty Center. They have 3 locations; Two in Portsmouth,and one in Norfolk. I’m so excited,because if ya’ll haven’t noticed yet, my hair is a weave,and the hair under that weave is lack relaxer by choice. My new year’s resolution is to go 6 months without a relaxer,and right now I’m not even through month one and my hair is very,very,kinky. So Elegante is going to be my way to go,too bad I’m leaving next week to go back to Baltimore,so I guess I’ll be wearing weaves until I come home in May.

If I like the way they do my hair enough, I may just quit getting relaxers all together. I mean they are bad for your hair,so just getting a blow out and my ends trimmed will be good,and hopefully my hair will be back down my back by the end of the year.


7 Responses to "I FOUND A DOMINICAN HAIR SALON!!!!!"

Did you go to Elegante? How were they? Did you like your blow out?

They do an amazing job.

DO NOT GOT TO THE ELEGANTE IN Military circle!!! All the stylist were talking about me the entire time right in front of my face! They didn’t know I speak Spanish! I will never go to this shop again!! SLOW! IT took me 3 1/2 hours to get in and out. Also, my hair looked really dry after it was done. I had to come home and treat it myself. FYI chicas! They talk crap about all of their customers in Spanish and you all will never know it! MY ADVICE ,GO TO ANOTHER BRANCH OR ANOTHER SALON ALL TOGETHER!

This is the truth!! I had the same experience with the gossip and all of them staring at me right after the one working on my hair said something in spanish…over and over this happened but my hair came out decent.

i go to the Elegante in Churchland…i love it there and i have been going there since july of 2008. angela is the best at blowing out hair. her english isnt the best but she is very skilled and her blow outs last. i go every 2 weeks and when it is time for me to go again, u can barely tell that i need my hair done. i am from NJ originally, so i am used to Dominican shops and i am happy that i found one that is very comparable to what i am used to..

how about the salon in Norfolk.Va? I want to hear the reviews there too bcuz ive never been to a dominican salon.

The Elegante in Churchland (Portsmouth) is unprofessional. They speak in Spanish about their customers and it’s so obvious because their looking at you while talking about you. Angela does a good job but GREAT customer service comes first! They talk on the phone whle doing your hair and oftentime stop the blow dryer to talk so the person on the phone can hear them. I do not recommend this location to anyone if you’re about good customer service. Thank you

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