Life of the College Girl

I’m blowing up like a blowfish!!!

Posted on: November 27, 2007

I forgot I was a candy addict. I bought a variety pack of Sweettarts and half the bag is gone already. I’m still trying to lose weight however. Hopefully when I go home for break in 2 weeks I’ll change my ways and cut out the candy and with working out I could lose some pounds. I’m thinking about getting a job as well. But I don’t think anyone will be hiring for seasonal after around christmas time so I may be stuck at a McDonald’s or something, but that’s ok. A paycheck is a pay check no matter where you get it from. I just need money, I crave money, because money buys nice clothes,food,shoes,handbags,all the of the best things in life. Plus if i want to be with Troy Smith I have to be able to keep up with him style wise,he’s such a stylish guy…

I know I sound crazily obsessed with this guy, but by no means am I a groupie. It’s just like that guy in high school that you just want to get to know. I want to get to know him. Why him? I don’t really know. It could of been anybody,but it’s just something about him,his personality, that makes him different from any other athlete. He just seems like he won’t take advangtage of me and use me for my body. I may be wrong,but if I am I’ll find out soon enough. However I’m not one of those crazy stalker chicks,I’m just going to sit back and let him find me. I know I may talk as though it’s the other way around,but it’s not…I’m not that crazy.


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