Life of the College Girl


Posted on: November 23, 2007

was…alright…besides me sitting at the dinner table by myself while my “relatives sat in the family room watching a bootleg version of American Gangster,and me spending the majority of the night taking pictures of literally everybody and they mama, and not only placing the pictures but reconstructing a Myspace….it was ok…..the food was great. I finally got to open my sparkling grape juice and I am going back and forward watching the Beyonce Experience and Rock of Love right now and preparing myself for my favorite holiday…Black Friday. I’m waking up at 5 in the morning and leaving the house around 6ish so that I can get to norfolk before the mall opens,and be able to get to Radio Shack by 9 before going back to norfolk to go to Barefeet. I have a long day tomorrow…..

Anyways other than today, I think I finally realized what one of my goals in life is going to be. To play Beyonce in the story of her life. Yeah you can laugh,but if J.Lo can play Selena, I can play Beyonce…just let me get my abs together,find something to flatten my boobs, and learn to lip sync all her songs, and I’ll be it…sure to be an Academy Award winner…..

Speaking of my weight, this morning I weighed in at 154,so I lost 1 pound that I believe that I gained back tonight and I may gain 5 more before I go back to school..but ya’ll know I’ll keep ya’ll posted…

well I’m about to go to sleep for now….bye…


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