Life of the College Girl

My Troy Smith obsession may be over.

Posted on: November 16, 2007

I have had a crush on Troy Smith,former Ohio State quarterback,2006 Heisman Trophy winner,and one of the 3 quarterabcks for the Baltimore Ravens(has nothing to do with my fanship),for almost a year now,and I guess it finally passed. I guess I realized that I may possibly not be his type, or I’m just not old enough. Don’t know, but when I become famous and he tries to holla at me, I’m going to remind him of that time when he rejected my friend request on myspace…lol…no seriously. I think that really brought me back to reality, I’m not sure if it was his real one or not,but it had some very candid,non newspaper or magazine looking pictures of him on it. Well atleast his main photo looked like it, his page was set to private.

Maybe he didn’t like what he saw,and if so then I guess he’s attracted to Shrek lookin heffas because almost no man can resist me…lol…kidding! But yeah, Troy if you are reading this right now(I put your name in the title just incase you got bored and decided to Google your name) I just want you to know that I was not a spammer or one of those crazy fans who was going to send you naked pictures of me or anything. However, if you wanted some pics like that just ask for my e-mail……I kid,I kid!! Ok seriously though, I really wanted to get to know you as a person, I didn’t want your money or anything like that. Hell, when I become a model/actress/world owner I’ll be making more money than you anyway. I just wanted to be your friend, check up on you every now and then. I live in Baltimore we could of went out to lunch, my treat. Go see a movie, something. Just know that I remember little things like this ,and even though I’m still a fan of yours, whenever I do get the chance to meet you I’ll make sure that you remember what you did to me…..

I want everbody to know that I could not stop laughing when I read over the above statement. but seriously though,if he ever wanted to try again,or if anybody else reading wants to contact me outside of here my Myspace page is here.


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