Life of the College Girl

It’s funny how

Posted on: November 16, 2007

when i first logged in I couldn’t find my other blog,but after I re-registered it was on my dashboard. Anyway Hi! This is Brittani aka the Jeans and T-shirt Fashionista. I know,I know I haven’t been updating that, but hey…I’m a college student. It’s a very busy thing to be, all these papers and parties, I’ve been think of things to put on that blog such as the beauty product,guy,and girl of the week.

But enough about J&T, this blog is about me. Brittani. I’ve decided to make this page so that I ca ntalk about things that are on my mind that interest me and what might interest you too. So check back again and again to see what’s up. GO PISTONS!!! GO RAVENS!!!

Peace out!


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